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Antique Chippendale Sterling Silver

Antique Chippendale Sterling Silver Patterns

The Chippendale pattern of silverware is named after Thomas Chippendale, a cabinet-maker who not only designed furniture, but interiors of rooms. The design is distinctive for having a center that emerges from a narrow point at the bottom of the handle, to smoothly and uninterruptedly broaden toward the top, spreading in a simulated fleur de lis with other spreading bands broadening slightly on either side at the top, so that the top is wide, like a trumpet-shaped flower with petals. Sometimes there are modest designs at the intersections where the side bands meet the center, but in some cases, a simple rim surrounds the modified design. The Chippendale pattern includes French Chippendale, English Chippendale and the simple Chippendale design.

Featured Antique Chippendale Sterling Silver

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Examples of Chippendale Patterns
English Chippendale

Chippendale by Lunt Sterling Silver Jelly Server 5 1/2"

Reed & Barton Silver French Chippendale Silverplate Servers

English Chippendale by Reed & Barton Sterling Silver Sugar Spoon Shell 6 1/2"

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