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Gorham Silver Tea Set

Antique Gorham Silver Tea Set

A proper European tea ceremony would not be complete without a sterling tea set, as the tradition of serving tea with a sterling silver set dates back centuries. Today, silver teapots and sets are among the most common, though many are silver plated rather than solid silver. Although solid silver makes an excellent choice for serving tea and coffee because the metal has the natural ability to retain heat, keeping beverages warm for a long period of time. Also, unlike ceramics, sterling is incredibly durable, so it will never chip or crack if accidentally dropped.

Featured Antique Gorham Silver Tea Sets

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Tea made its way to Europe in the 17th century when affluent merchants and nobility took up drinking tea. Over the course of the next century, black tea gained in popularity among a wider spectrum of society with those who sought to emulate the lifestyles of the upper classes. Thanks in part to Queen Victoria’s affinity for tea, the steeped beverage became associated with wealth and status.

By the 18th century, sterling teapots and sets become more plentiful, but they still represented aspirational items that were prohibitively expensive for the majority of citizens.

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