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Vintage International Silver

Antique International Silver

The International Silver Company has been creating exquisite silver pieces since 1898, when 14 independent silver companies joined forces and became one. But just because the resulting company was a large conglomerate, it did not mean their products lacked care and craftsmanship. In fact, the companies retained their signature styles, and only products that were sold by International Silver bear the mark of the company. Silver collectors often vie for the opportunity to get their hands on antique Prelude sterling silver flatware when they see it on eBay.

Featured Antique International Silver

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This particular pattern was introduced in 1939, and has always been a favorite because of its simple elegance and timeless design. Along with flatware, the prelude pattern also featured matching bowls and candlesticks. These items added beauty and sophistication to any table setting. The International Silver Company is known for their silver trays and the Royal Danish pattern. Whatever pattern you prefer, if it's made by International Silver, you can be certain that your guests to your holiday dinner will be delighted by the elegance it adds to your table. Your guests will feel like royalty.

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