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Antique Moselle Grape Silver Flatware

Antique Moselle Grape Silverware

This Vintage pattern of silver-plated flatware was introduced by International Silver Co. in 1904 and continuously produced until about 1918, with new pieces being added to the line from time to time. This pattern has remained very popular with collectors in the years since then.

The Vintage design features grapes (a popular design element since the ancient Greeks), while the great variety of pieces made gives collectors plenty to look for. How many pieces were made in this pattern? The usual answer is “over 100,” but the actual number is very difficult to establish.

Featured Antique Moselle Grape Silverware

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From Silver Threads Website

The early 1900s saw the introduction of a number of grape patterns in American silver plate. The four that collectors most frequently seek are: Vintage, introduced in 1904 by International Silver, 1847 Rogers Bros. mark; Moselle, 1906, American Silver Co., World Brand mark; La Vigne, 1908, Oneida, 1881 Rogers mark; and La Concorde, 1910, Oneida, Wm. A Rogers mark. Read the full article here

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