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Antique Sterling Silver Buttons

Antique Silver Buttons For Sale

Antique silver buttons give designs outstanding detail and original style. Browse these listings of antique and vintage sterling silver buttons and antique sterling silver handle button hooks for your next creative project or just add to your vintage or antique collection.

antique Silver collectibles

Antique Buttons

As long as we have needed to keep our clothing fastened, buttons have been there to do the work. Buttons can be made out of just about anything, from antlers and bone to glass and ceramics to metals and stone. Military buttons are in a class by themselves, with categories for flat buttons made of lead or pewter. Also, two-part convex buttons, and buttons produced for officers. But whatever their material, size, age, or lineage, buttons are fascinating little objects. Silver Buttons are items that are so utilitarian yet so varied, they just about beg to be collected. Read The Full Article at Collectors Weekly.

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