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Antique Sterling Silver Five O’clock Tea Spoons

A Beautiful set of 12 Gorham Antique Sterling Silver Five O'clock Tea Spoons. This set is pictured in a Gorham catalog from 1888. It is incredibly rare to see the full set of twelve together. The various spoons run the spectrum of simple to incredibly intricate design. All of the spoons are marked with Gorham's trademark and 'STERLING' and are also marked '1' thru '12'. They weigh a total 5.20 troy ounces, measure 5 inches long and are in excellent condition. Although this set is not for sale you can find Antique Sterling Silver Five O'clock Tea Spoons in these listings...

Featured Antique Sterling Silver Five O'clock Tea Spoons

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Read more about the pictured set above titled Gorham Rare Original Set of 12 Antique Sterling Silver Five O'clock Tea Spoons at

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  1. Hi there,
    Do you know where I can find this teaspoons set from Gorham?

    Or if there is a silversmith that can make them?


  2. Hi Tabita,

    The best place to check would be auctions like these. These listings are updated constantly. If anyone has a set they put up for sale on ebay it will automatically show up here. Check back often!


    Silver Chic Admin

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