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Antique Flatware La Scala

La Scala Antique Sterling Silverware

For a dramatic statement, this glamorous pattern brings three dimensional opulence to your table. Introduced in 1964, the finely tooled design incorporates deeply carved borders with lavish scrollwork enhanced by intermittent floral details and a striking rosette crowning the neck. Significant weight and uncompromising craftsmanship lend a luxurious note to traditional and formal settings to wow your guests and provide the ultimate finishing touch to all of your meals.

Featured La Scala Antique Sterling Silverware

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Inspired by the famed Italian opera house, Gorham La Scala is a gorgeous sterling flatware pattern that features a scalloped tip with a floral and scroll edge, a pierced handle, and an elaborate rose-motif design. La Scala is a silverware treasure that suits every table!

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