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Silver Vanity Mirror And Brush Sets

Antique Silver Vanity Mirror and Brush Sets

Silver Antique Vanity Mirror and Brush Sets (Grooming Set) from makers like R. Wallace & Sons, Watson SIlver Co., Webster, International Sterling, Birks, Blackinton and more.

Silver Vanity Mirrors have a long history of use both as household accessories and as objects of decoration. The earliest mirrors were handheld mirrors, adopted by the Celts from the Romans and by the end of the Middle Ages had become quite common throughout Europe. Women from well to do families enjoyed their personal possessions and a vanity hand mirror was a must have, including the children's room. Even their purses carried detailed miniature silver vanity mirrors with elaborate designs and stunning floral arrangements.

Featured Antique Silver Vanity Mirror and Brush Sets

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For the most part, the glass mirrors themselves were hand cut and beveled, then framed in an array of metals such as, German silver, brass, silver plate and sterling, some with a gold wash. Many of the porcelain backed hand mirrors were made in France and Germany but only those made for export were required to carry a mark on the back of the porcelain denoting the country of origin.

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