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vintage silver butter tray

Vintage Silver Butter Trays

Vintage Silver Butter Trays. The cost and perish ability gave butter luxury status in the 19th Century. In rural areas of the United States, women commonly made butter at home for their family and for sale to the city’s grocers. This practice continued long after the advent of factory produced butter in the 1860’s.

In Early 20th Century, the standard for farm and factory production of butter was molding into one pound circular cakes roughly four inches in diameter. Butter dishes were usually designed to conform to the round shape.

The use of a specialized butter knife was used to prevent individuals from plunging their own used knives into the main butter source. Shaping butter cylinders into curls, lead to the introduction of the butter pick.

Butter picks were specially made to retrieve one curl at a time, without breaking or dropping the delicate serving. This practice can still be found on tables in restaurants and homes, bringing a touch of exquisiteness to any meal.

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